From a 10 year old boy to a 65 year woman, across professions and in every corner of the country, both the genders have always wondered who is the greater sex after all? In an attempt to solve the debate on this ensuing gender war, Star One presents ZARA NACHKE DIKHA - a first of its kind battle of the sexes on the dance floor! The show will feature twice a week with the best of the celebrities from the television industry who will be pitted against each other to prove their superiority!
With no public voting, the show will be based on the jury's final verdict. The show will not only present viewers with some stimulating dance moves but also showcase the best of the strategies in order to score over the opposite team. From understanding the next move to playing mind games to being extremely manipulative, the show will have the mundas scheme against the kudis & vice- versa in the strategy room.
From teasing, mocking, being sarcastic, disdainful and passing on sneering comments, the kudis v/s the mundas team will miss no opportunity to take a dig at each other.The theme of the show is 'The Battle of the Sexes', wherein two teams, the Tez Talwar boys and the Meethi Churi girls compete in a dancecompetition. Every weekend, there are five rounds, in which the contestants dance it out either solo or in groups. Depending on their performance, they receive points from the two judges. The team with the highest points at the end of a week's wins and gives a dance form to another team and they have to perform the dance form in the khallas round and impress the judges and if the judges are not impressed they are sent to a penalty chair where they cannot perform until their team wins and bring them back. They even have 3 lifelines to bring their contestants back if after one week is over of theirs on penalty bench.

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